Monday, January 17, 2005

9:46 AM

Sent Cam to the medical library. I'm leaning back in my desk chair, staring at the ceiling, bouncing my super ball against the floor. bounce. bounce. bounce. I forget what room my office is above, but if they don't like it they can tell Cuddy they need soundproofing.

I'm distracted, and I don't even know why. Think, think, think!

Yesterday I got sick of looking at the four walls, so I went out and ran a few errands. I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I stopped by the bookstore, poked around, picked up a couple of books and CDs and a magazine, and went over to the coffee shop to read for a bit. (Okay, and I had a cookie, too. Satisfied?)

So I'm flipping through the new issue of Cigar Aficionado, and someone's walking behind me on their way to the counter, and suddenly I'm hit with this sense of... well, I don't know. It's like my memory is trying to retrieve something and it doesn't even know what it is it's looking for.

I looked over at the counter. It was just a couple, nobody I recognized. They didn't even look like anyone I knew. The woman ordered something involving whipped cream, white chocolate, and caramel, the guy ordered something a little less elaborate, and they sat down.

It's been gnawing at me ever since. What am I trying to think of, to remember? And what set this off?

Bounce. I catch the ball and straighten up in the chair. I'll think about this later. You can smell the snow in the air. I don't have clinic this afternoon (and Cuddy couldn't even make me go, it's closed) so I think I'll get out of here early before the roads get bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... hope you'll figure out what you're trying to remember.

Which books did you get at the bookstore?

January 18, 2005 6:33 PM  
Blogger House said...

The Wild Swans at Coole and Chicken Soup for the Misanthrope's Soul

January 18, 2005 8:53 PM  

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